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What are Alvin and the Chipmunks Games?

Now we have for you as a new category, the category dedicated to the characters from the well known serie Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Now it is time for the next new category for today. As we have promised, we have for you new and beautiful online categories to offer and we really hope that we will be able to make you happy by putting at your disposal the best categories. Now we have for you as a new category, the category dedicated to the characters from the well known serie Alvin and the Chipmunks. Some of you may know the characters from the movie, some from the animated serie. Well we will make sure you know both of them by offering you in this new category, games from both the serie of movie and the animated series. Who does not love a fun chipmunk when they meet one? Well we sure do love them and we want to make this category is especially for them and we invite you to play all the existing games they will have to offer. Some of you may not know them very well or may have forgotten a few details about them, so here we are ready to offer you some details about them and wating for you to play them. As you know in the movie, Dave finds these adorable chipmunks and desides to keep them, even if in the beginning he was not that happy to have them. He makes them superstars and they go trough fun adventures together. The movie has three parts and in the second part there will appear the Chipettes , three girl chipmunks who also have great voices and start their career . They finally get to live with Dave too and act like a happy family. The third part of the movie is even funnier and beautiful as they all go to a cruze and get lost eventually in a jungle, where they have a lot of fun adventures together and even go trough dangerous situations. After this fun and amazing musical movie with them, there are also the animated series that appeared this year. In the Chipmunks animated serie we have Alvin as the main character and than he is followed by his brothers Theodor and Sam. Like in the movies, they live with Dave Seville , who is raising them and taking care of them as if they were children. Sometimes he loses his pacience with them, especially with Alvin who likes to get in trouble . This series action takes place in our modern time,having fun modern topics in each episode. In each episode of the serie there is at least one fun song that we know you would love. This new category of game that our administrative team is so excited to offer to you, will bring you games with characters from both the movies and the the animated serie, no matter if they are from the old animated serie, or from the new one that was released this year. Anyway we invite you to try all of them and have a lot of fun spending your time with the characters from one of your favorite serie, here on your favorite website of free games for both boys and girls,!

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