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What are Baby Games?

The fundamentals of baby care, cooking baby food with special ingredients and even trying to find out the perfect baby outfits. This is all ready for all the girls that want to finish the challenges and play on their mobile phones with Hazel, baby Taylor and even Boss Baby.

Your first baby

There are a lot of little girls on our website that already love babies, and because of that, you will see that online, there are millions of free online games for kids with babies as the main characters that you can start to play for free right here on our website, because we are bringing for you guys a new Baby games category in which you can meet with new characters and see which one of them could be your new best friends.

The babies inside the games on our website will look very different from a game to another, and that is just going to make the category very complex, because same as their looks, the types of games are also going to be different from each and every one of the games. There will be dress-up games, makeover challenges, adventure games with the Boss Baby, baby Taylor and a lot of your favorite princesses or superheroes will be just babies that need your help, so you have to be sure that you can create their perfect rooms, their perfect meals and a lot of exciting outfits that they can wear.

There are entire series of games with baby characters, and they are very popular because plenty of the challenges are going to be like the problems that you guys face. Baby Taylor os one of the most famous characters from our website and she is just a baby that wants to look as cute as possible. Boss Baby is another series that people love, Baby Hazel is a story in which you guys can meet with a lot of exciting challenges and cute games for children that you can play for free with all of your friends. Cleo and Cuquin is another baby category which you can play for free, and you will find exciting challenges for kids.

Taking care of a baby

The cute little babies from our website are going to have prepared for you a lot of exciting little challenges, and each of them are going to take place in different settings and with different characters. What does a baby do all day long? Well stay close and you will see which are the little games for kids in which the baby characters will need your help.

The babies are ready to have a lot of fun, and one of the first activities that they will need your help with is to stay clean. That means that there's going to be a very special series of messy games with characters, in which you will have to be very careful, and for that you will see that using the MOUSE you can start by clicking the Play button in the game and start to take the baby in the bathroom, take it's dirty clothes off, put them in the bin and see how you can start by actual cleaning the baby character by taking the baby, placing it in the cute little bathtub and start to make sure that you will clean all of it's body with the soaps, oils and cremes that we will prepare for you in each and every one of the levels.

Once the baby is going to be clean, you will see that you can start the second party of the messy challenges, which means that the baby is going to have to be dressed again with fresh and clean clothes. You will see that there are going to be a lot of types of overalls with different colors, different models with cute little characters. Now that your baby is going to be ready for a new day, you will see how much fun you will have while you start playing after the messy and the dress-up challenges.

What's the next step? A very good question, because you will see that it's going to be a lot of fun taking care of the baby throughout a full day. You will see that by the end of the game, you will have to make sure that all the babies are fed, they had water and even a mid day nap which will give your baby an energy boost that will keep him going for the rest of the day.

Baby food

Everybody wants their baby to be healthy, and once you get them clean, you will see that the next step of child care is to get them fed, because babies need special types of food so that they can get all the vitamins that they need to be healthy. You can see that the cooking games and all their challenges are also going to be present inside the baby category, and you will have to make sure that by the end of the game you can defeat the challenges using the MOUSE.

The rules of a cooking game are rather easy, because dear kids you can see that inside these types of games, the important thing is that you go through the grocery store, start building up your inventory with precious and fresh ingredients like vegetables and fruit. The next step is to start and prepare the ingredients for the cooking process, and you will see that it's going to be rather easy to do that. You will have a peeler or a little knife, and once you get the peel off of the fruit or vegetables, you will see that you have to start and cut them in little pieces, wash them and start to really get them ready to be cooked.

Babies are not alllowed to eat any kind of food, so you dear kids can see that this is going to be a very exciting new cooking game in which you are going to learn how to cook some of the best vegetable based recipies, and different desserts that are made only with fruits, and you will see that they are going to be very delicious and without any added sugar, so that they are fresh and healthy for each and every one of the babies that are going to try them.

Now that you know what types of games are going to wait for you inside the baby category, you can start to learn that there are a lot of characters that are turned into babies, and which are going to be the main characters. You will see that not only Haze, Taylor or Boss Baby are going to be the famous characters inside this category, because Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, Cartoon Network characters like Ben 10, DC Superheroe Girls, the My Little Pony characters, cute little animals like Scooby Doo or Talking Friends are just a few of the friends that you look at TV that you can play with throughout our Baby games for children that you can play with all of your friends for free.

What do babies eat?

Babies usualy eat piures out of vegetables and fruit.

Which are the most famous baby characters?

Boss Baby, baby Hazel and baby Taylor.

Who is Boss Baby?

Boss Baby is a character from the movie with the same name, and after that a Netflix series.

How does Hazel look?

Hazel is a cute little girl with blonde curly hair and has a lot of cute little outfits.

What's Hazel's favorite activity?

Hazel loves to cook in her little baby kitchen.

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