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What are Billy and Mandy Games?

Billy and Mandy are two Cartoon Network characters that have befriended the Grim Ripper! The trio ends up to become best friends, and they are visiting supernatural realms, in which they encounter zombies, monsters, demons and orcs.

Our latest category is the Billy and Mandy games that you might know from the Cartoon Network series called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! This is a very exciting spin of the series, and you will see that our new Billy and Mandy games are going to be very funny, because the main characters are going to be two kids and the Grim Reaper! This is going to be a Cartoon Network story, in which you will see that Billy a little Boy and Mandy, a little girl are the main characters, and what makes this series unique is that their best friend turns out to be the Grim Reaper, who ends up to live with them in their house.

Each character of this new Billy and Mandy games are going to be different and they will have different personalities and different value to the show, so you will see that each and every one of the The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy series is going to have a different dynamic, even new characters are about to appear with new episodes. The Billy and Mandy games are going to be free to play right here on our website, and you dear kids can see that the Cartoon Network games are going to be available to be played on your mobile phones, computers, tablets and laptops, in which you will see how much fun you can have playing little challenges inside the Billy and Mandy games that you will find in our brand new category.

The beginning of the show was in 2001 with a show called Grim and Evil, in which Billy and Mandy were still the main characters in a Cartoon Network series, but in 2003-2004, the show really hit off with the ongoing seasons! The entire show called Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was more and more popular with kids all over the world with each new season that appeared, so you will see that Billy, Mandy and Grim are going to be cool characters even here on our website, where they appear in plenty of featured Cartoon Network games online, in which you will be able to meet up with other characters like Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Kids Next Door, Scooby Doo or the Teen Titans.

Boys, girls and skeletons

You already learned plenty of the Billy and Mandy games from our website, but we are not stopping here! You will see that we have prepared for you guys a continuous description of this Cartoon Network show, in which you will learn how the powerful Grim Ripper ended up living with two kids, and how they became best friends. The entire show of Billy and Mandy or Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy are going to rely on the actions of the main characters. You will see that all of them, Billy, Grim or Mandy are always going to appear in the Cartoon Network episodes or each and every one of the Billy and Mandy games that we are going to start posting for you guys in this new category.

Billy is one of the main characters, a little boy that is fairly idiotic, he doesn’t look or act very smart, as he is very little and doesn’t think of his actions. He is very happy and just wants to have fun with Mandy and all of his friends, like Grim. Mandy is the second main character as you know from the title of this series, and you will easily see that she is quite the opposite of Billy. Mandy is a very smart, cynical and cold-hearted girl that is more or less the boss of the house. Grim doesn’t really need a big description, because everyone knows who is the Grim Ripper, which is going to be illustrated as a skeleton wearing a black cape.

The Grim Ripper showed up at Billy and Mandy’s house to take Billy’s life, because he got injured while playing and not paying any attention, Mandy manages to strike a deal with Grim, that if they beat Grim at a limbo match to save Billy’s life, he will become their in house slave until they get bored. Grim was very confident that he has no way of losing the limbo game and accepted Mandy’s terms, but Billy and Mandy cheated and beat Grim, so he has to become Billy and Mandy’s friend and slave. You will see inside the Billy and Mandy games what types of chores Billy and Mandy are putting Grim to do while he lives with them, and even though Grim has access to spells and dark magic, he is miserable going from the prince of the darkness to a maid or butler of two ordinary kids.

In plenty of Billy and Mandy games you will see that Grim is going to try to break free of his “curse”, and makes plans to kill both kids and return to his dark life of being the fearless Grim Ripper, but those plans never pan out, and Grim even turns to care for the kids and start to protect them so that they are safe, even though he is trying to keep the appearance that he still hates them and doesn’t care if they get hurt, which you will see through the online Billy and Mandy games that is going to happen a lot.

Into the supernatural

The entire story of Billy and Mandy is going to be very interesting, because dear kids you will see how both Cartoon Network characters are getting used to having a supernatural servant. The kids often tricks Grim to take them into special and magical places that ordinary people cannot get too. Supernatural worlds are open for Billy and Mandy when they use Grim’s scythe to cut into the universe’s barrier and go into different other dimensions. The Underworld and the Netherworld are two of the most frequent destinations for Billy and Mandy, and they are going to always be protected by Grim, because these places are going to be filled with monsters, zombies, werewolves or demons, but it’s going to be difficult to keep the humans safe, because since Grim left the Underworld, where he was the undisputed ruler, all the creatures think less of him, and so he doesn’t have the same power over them.

You already know more than most about the Grim and Mandy games! You are ready to dive in our new category and find out which is going to be your favorite adventure or challenge with these fun Cartoon Network characters. One of these challenges is going to be the Billy and Mandy Fast and Furious game, in which you will see that the characters are going to be just babies, and they will have one of the most interesting races from our website. The baby characters are in diapers, and they will have to bounce over the neighborhood to the finish line in order to win the race and make sure that you will have the highest score of the Billy and Mandy game.

Battle of the Bands is another challenge of this new category, and you dear kids will see how much fun you can have playing with Billy and Mandy, and this is one of the most exciting challenge, in which you will see that Billy and Mandy will have a music band, and you will have to choose the correct keynote to create new music and songs for Cartoon Network games.

There are plenty of other exciting challenges ready inside the Billy and Mandy games, and you will see how much fun you can have playing with all of your friends even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops for free, even inside the 2 player games that we have prepared for you right here on our website, where new categories and new stories from Cartoon Network just like this one are going to appear right here on our website. Have fun!

Where can we watch Billy and Mandy episodes?

This show can be watched on Cartoon Network.

Who are the characters in this show?

Billy, Mandy and the Grim Ripper.

Does Grim love the kids?

Yes, he ends up loving the kids and keep them safe after one full season.

How did Grim become Billy and Mandy's servant?

Grim loses a game of limbo.

Did Billy and Mandy cheat in the limbo game?

Yes, the kids cheated to have Grim live with them forever.

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