Billy and Mandy Harum-Scarum

  • Date added Billy and Mandy Harum-Scarum06 May 2015
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Aren't you curious what Billy and Mandy are up to lately? Because we were, so we came back with another game with them, only for you kids, for your entertainment. You know Billy and Mandy, and you also know their forced-to-be friend, Grim the Reaper. The kids have made another spell from Grim's book, without his will of course, and now they've managed to get stuck in the Halloween World, where the spirits run freely and every day is Halloween day there, and you must help them escape because it's very dangerous for two little children to be stuck in a spirit's world. You can always switch between Billy and Mandy's characters, depending on who you want to play with, use the weapon to destroy the dangerous creatures and escape as fast as you can!

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How to play

Use arrow keys to move and space to attack.