Billy and Mandy Magnet Face

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You might think we forgot about the weirdest game category, the one with Billy and Mandy, but we actually didn't, the kids had some problems that they had to solve, and now they have another one, and they are asking for your help. Billy, as you know him, is always getting himself into trouble, and this time, he managed to get kidnapped by the aliens. Did you know that aliens do exist? Well, at least in their world, they do. Anyway, you have a hard mission, and that is to save Billy and get him out of where he is being held captive, by solving puzzles and fighting your way out, also, while collecting cheese. You are lucky that Grim put a spell on Billy in order to make his face have the properties of a magnet.

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How to play

Use arrow keys, letter Z for special power and spacebar to jump.