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What are Elena of Avalor Games?

The latest Disney Princess, Elena of Avalor is a young and brave teenage girl that is ruling a magic kingdom, and she needs help dressing up, finishing spells, learning math. There are special adventures with animals, makeovers in different styles and spa days for girls with all of her friends and other Disney princesses ready inside this new category!

The Disney characters are very popular here on our website, and by the end of the day, you are going to meet with a new Disney princess which is bringing for you a very exciting new category named Elena of Avalor, in which all of the girls are going to make a new friend out of, and you will see how in the shortest time, you can see which are the best series and the best episodes with the new Disney character.

This new story started in 2016, and in 2021, you can see that the latina princess, and she is known on the internet and along the movies and cartoon series, Elena of Avalor is going to take you in many magical challenges in a magical realm, because there is where the action is going to take place, so you will see that by the end of the challenges, you and Elena of Avalor will see new types of magical characters, creatures, animals and learn a lot of magical spells which you can use inside the Elena of Avalor games.

How to meet with Elena of Avalor

The entire story of this new Disney princess has started in 2016, but it’s didn’t ended yet, because you can see that there are three seasons of the story. Disney aired the first season on Disney Channel in 2016, but in 2018 the cartoon moved to Disney Junior and started with the second seasons. Elena is just a teenage girl, and you can see that this is one of the first teenage Disney princesses, which will make Elena even more interesting for the girls on our website, because her age is closer to yours. After moving to Disney Junior, there were two more seasons, and Disney announced that the cartoon is going to be ended in 2020 on August 23, where the final episode is going to air.

Now that you know where you can watch all three seasons of Elena of Avalor, you can start to help us play each and every one of the little girly games here on our website. The Disney princess is full of energy, and she is beautiful at the same time, and that will make her easy to become one of your best friends and see how she can be your favorite Disney character at the same time.

For you to fully enjoy the Elena of Avalor games, you dear children will have to make sure that by the end of this category review, you will manage to know everything that is to know about the story and the princess all together, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing with your new favorite character. The entire story is going to rely on the actions of one character, which is princess Elena Castillor Flores by her entire rank and official name, but by the end of the story, you will see that the main character is going to be called simple, Elena of Avalor.

We already told you guys that Elena is very young, and that she is going to be the princess of Avalor. You can see that once she is crowned princess, one of the main focuses of Elena is going to be to rule the kingdom and see how she can defeat all the evil and magical wizards or sorceress that you can see that are going to be the enemies of the kingdom. All the stories that yo will learn here on our website are going to be filled with magic, new creatures, new characters, new adventures and new challenges from which you will manage to learn a lot of new amazing things.

What’s really in Avalor

It’s not easy to be a Disney princess, and Elena of Avalor is going to be in charge of her entire kingdom, which is not easy to rule, so you and the princess will have to work hard together and finish each and every one of the challenges and the games, and by the end of this story, you will see that you will be more patient, have more compassion, and see how she can think over and over of her own moves and actions that she is going to do once she is crowned princess of Avalor.

This new kingdom is going to be ruled by Elena of Avalor, but you can see that she has a council that will help her with advices. One of the first ones is the Grand Council, which is going to be composed mostly of her family, and the most important ones are going to be Elena’s grandparents which only want to teach and help their granddaughter, there’s going to be an older cousin, called Esteban, a friend called Naomi Turner, which is going to be one of Elena’s best friends.

You can see that one of the most important characters inside the Elena of Avalor story is going to be young Isabel, which is going Elena’s little sister, and she needs protection which is going to be handled by Elena and all of their friends. Mateo is going to be one of the wizards that are going to be inside this magical story, a lot of Elena’s friends, there’s going to be a lieutenant of the Royal Guard which is going to live at the kingdom’s palace and he is going to try and protect the entire palace and all the characters that live inside it.

Zuzo is a spirit animal which is also going to be present inside the Elena of Avalor, and today dear kids you can see that Jaquins are also very popular in the story, and inside this new story you can see that they are going to be a group of three magical flying creatures, and they will also help Elena of Avalor with different advices and guidance in difficult moments.

Try to help Elena of Avalor

Now that you know all what is going to wait for you inside this new Disney category, we are sure that you are going to have a great time, because dear kids by the end of these category, you will learn new magic tricks, and see how Disney princesses live. Elena of Avalor is going to be a teenage princess, and she is going to be very cute. Inside this new challenges, you will see a beautiful hispanical looking girl, with long and brown hair, and for you to know even better to spot the Disney princess, you will see that she is going to always have a long elengant princess dress.

You can see that inside this new category, there are going to be a lot of of exciting games for girls like dress-up challenges, makeup games, hairstyle or spa games exclusively for girls, which you dear children can try even on your mobile phones and tablets, because most of the 2021 games with Elena of Avalor are going to be HTML5.

Besides the girly games, you can see that the Disney teenage princess is going to bring for you girls and boys special adventures, magical games and animal challenges in which you and the Disney characters can play together and see how Elena of Avalor can teach you magic. Have fun!

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