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Are you ready for a nother new game for today? This time the new game that we have in mind for you is a new cooking game, a really beauitful game in which the main character would be your friend Pou. This game is one of your favourite types of games and have one of your favourite characters, so we are sure that you will have alot of fun. In this new game that we have in mind for you, you need to help Pou make some pancakes because he is really hungry and needs you to give him a helping hand and finish the faster. You friend Pou is sure that is you join him and give him a hand , he will succed to finish the pancakes in time for when his friends will arrive. The game will have all the neccesary instructions that you nees, and the only thing left is to follow them really carefully. We are sure that you will have alot of fun , so that is why we invite you to join us and play this new and beautiful cooking game, here on If you liked this game, than we invite you to try the other ones too, and be very happy!

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