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Play free Labyrink - Puzzle Games

Because we noticed you enjoy puzzle and logic games, we have a brand new Labyrink game which is in fact a maze, a labyrinth game and it is a pretty difficult one,but a very interesting one as well and that is why we are sure you are really going to be curious to play this game and that is important for us. So come and try out this Labyrink game inw hich you have to control a little ball of ink and to help him guide through the maze in order to collect all the pieces to build the key and once you have the key you can open the door of the maze and go into the next level and so on.There are a lot of obstacles in the elvels of this maze puzzle game if you want to solve them and it won't be easy at all. For example you have to make sure you have all the parts of the key and you can even travel to otherwise innacesible parts of the maze. Good luck!

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