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We all know Tinkerbell’s story because the animations with she are very popular right now , they are very nice and fun and all the kids love her, but we shouldn’t forget that Tinkerbell will be a very good friend of Peter Pan’s , even if that period of her life hasn’t been shown yet in the cartoons. But that’s not a problem because you have to know Peter Pan, he is a legendary character too, he lives in Neverland and he is just a boy who will never grow up, he can fly and wants to play all day long. And maybe you kids know how can Peter fly, well of course with the help of Tinkerbell, she is the one that is giving him Pixie Dust, and the two of them are inseparable and the cartoons in which Peter Pan is the main character are very fun two and you should deffinetely saw them if you didn’t until now. Well in this new puzzle game you have the chance to resolve a puzzle that shows a moment from Tinkerbell’s and Peter Pan’s adventures with Wendy against captain Hook who always wants trouble and never lets Peter alone. Well the picture is very nice and we know that you are going to love it, but we want to see if you can handle it because it’s not very easy, it’s a sliding puzzle and that means that you can’t lift up the pieces. Good luck!

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