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What are Pirates Games?

In this new category that we have for you, we decided to bring you new pirate games in which you can have fun with us as always. As promised we have to offer category for each type of games, and now is the Pirate time. We want to give you all types of games with pirates, so we offer you this new category and invite you to join us and have fun, here on games-kids.com

Some of the most interesting games for kids are right here on our website and starting today, you guys can see that the Pirates games are starting to become more and more popular among the children's games that we have posted. The Pirates games from our website is going to be the perfect place where you guys can meet with some of your favorite pirate characters from different movies, cartoons, stories, books, or comic books. These characters will have prepared for you boys and girls plenty of Pirates games for you to try for free, and to play on your mobile phones, tablets, computers, or laptops!

You will see that the challenges inside these new Pirate games are going to be very different from each other so you guys can find t least 10 games that you love to play. These challenges will be based on the characters of the game of course, and you will see that there are going to be both pirate games for boys and pirate games for girls, in which you can have a great time playing with your favorite pirates! The general challenges of course are going to be the puzzles, the bejeweled, arkanoid games and the coloring games, which of course you and play on your mobile phones.

Most of the Pirates girl games are going to have as the main character a princess, Ana the Pirate, Dora the Explorer or Barbie doll, which wants to change her look into an authentic pirate! You will see that you have to use the MOUSE to play the girly games with pirates. Using the MOUSE, based on the type of the game, you will be able to do several actions. Inside the Dress-up games with Ana the Pirate, you will see that she is going to be a cute little girl that wants to be a pirate, in which you will have to solve puzzles, and riddles and answer quiz questions about the Ana the Pirate show. Inside the Ana the Pirate games, you girls can see that there are going to be plenty of coloring games, differences games, and even dress-up games that you can play for free online.

The girly pirates

Barbie pirate games are going to be a little different because you will see that they will be mostly pirate makeover games! It's going to be the first time when Barbie doll wants to become a real pirate, so you have to be very creative and make sure that using the MOUSE, you will be able to give Barbie the makeover that she deserves. You will see that a pirate has a specific look, and you have to change Barbie's look to be a real pirate. For that, you will have to be very creative. Barbie will still love pink, so you can make her the very first Barbie pink pirate in the world.

Barbie is going to need a full makeover, and you dear girls will have to look for a pirate hat for the beginning, and see how you can match the hat style with pirate clothes. She will need a jacket, trousers, a hairband, necklaces made from squid or seashells and of course, Barbie is going to need a new pair of pirate boots. Barbie's pirate makeover is going to be finished, and it's going to be 100% your call if you are making a pink pirate or you will use all kinds of colors for the pirate clothes, pirate accessories and the pirate makeup for Barbie to wear.

Besides Ana the Pirate, Barbie or Dora, you will see that Hello Kitty or plenty of Disney princesses like Elsa, Merida, Moana, Mulan, Rapunzel and Snow White are also going to be present in the Pirates games from our website! These girls will also need cute little makeovers in different thematic games for girls. Most of the Pirates games with Disney princesses and Hello Kitty will be around Halloween, and you will have to help the girls on our website to choose the perfect Halloween pirate costume.

Pirate adventures

We have finished with the girl part and the makeovers, and we are going to get inside the adventure part of the Pirates games series. You will see that the boys from our website can also play a lot of pirate games, which will bring forward new stories and new characters. One of the most popular pirate story in the world is going to be of course, Pirate of the Caribbean saga, in which Johny Depp is playing Captain Jack Sparrow, one of the most popular pirates in the world. Jack Sparrow is a clumsy, drunk pirate which is poor, doesn't have a team and doesn't have a ship, but always seems to get around.

Jack Sparrow is known for his ability to fight with a sword, and he can get out of almost any difficult scenario. Jack is dressed like a pirate and has one of the most original pirates looks from any movie. You will see that he will prepare for you guys plenty of adventure games that you can play online. 2 player pirates games for children, in which you will have to use the A, S, W, D keys to control player 1 and the ARROW keys to control player 2 throughout the game.

There are going to be plenty of ability games with Pirates of the Caribbean, in which you will be able to fight hard and manage to have the highest score of the game. It's not going to be easy, because these are puzzle games, differences games, hidden objects games and plenty of coloring games, in which using the MOUSE, you will have to pick up the coloring brush, select the color that you want to use and place and color in the area that you would like to color. The Pirates coloring books are going to be finished when no white is going to be left in the picture.

Who is the most popular pirate?

Some say, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Is there any cartoon pirates?

Yes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Ana the Pirate.

How do pirates move?

They have pirate ships!

How many Pirates of the Caribbean movies are there?


Do all pirates have wood limbs?

No, not all pirates have wooden legs or arms.

Do all pirates have hooks as hands?

No, not all pirates have hooks as hands.

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