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Play free Noob Survival on Island - Minecraft Games

Get ready to embark on an epic survival adventure in "Noob Survival on Island" This hypercasual building and resource management game in 3D takes you to the world of Minecraft Games online. We know you're a fan of these games, and there's always a blast waiting for you to enjoy. 

In this game, Noob finds himself stranded on a blocky, pixelated island, and he needs your help to survive in this harsh environment. Let's learn the ropes so you can dive into the fun right away! Your mission is clear: roam the island and gather essential resources. These resources will be your lifeline, helping you craft tools and construct buildings to secure your basic needs. 

You'll need food, water, shelter, and more to make it through each day. And you're the one who can make it happen! As you continue to play, you'll earn valuable coins. Use these coins to purchase new skins for your character and unlock tons of cool bonuses. But remember, your ultimate goal is to build a ship and create a docking site for it. 

You can't live on the island forever, after all! Navigating the island is a breeze. Use the WASD keys to move around or simply click with the left mouse button. If you're playing on a mobile device, you'll find handy touchscreen controls right at your fingertips. Now that you're equipped with the basics, it's time to kickstart Noob's survival journey on the island. 

Gather resources, craft tools, construct buildings, and work towards your ultimate goal of building a ship to escape the island. We're confident you'll have a blast! But the adventure doesn't end here. We have a treasure trove of great treats waiting for you. So don't go anywhere because there's always more fun to be had, and it's all right here, just a click away!

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How to play

Use the WASD keys or the mouse.