Hill Climb Pixel Car

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Play free Hill Climb Pixel Car - Racing Games

Hill Climb Pixel Car is the new best game here on our website! Don't believe us? Give it a try and see for yourself! We already know you like racing games; this game, with its pixelated environment and design, will give you the fun you need today! You get the chance to race on hills—a race that we guarantee will provoke your skills and make you a better player and driver! Are you ready to start playing?

You can race in two modes: the first is the casual mode, which is more about enjoying the ride, and the second is the death race mode, which is more about racing and is a difficult one. Both in the layout of the tracks and in the rival racers you face off against, you are taking the skin of the monkeys for your characters, which you can change in the main menu, where you can also buy new cars and other upgrades! We know we made you curious, and you can't wait to try it out!

To play, you need to use the ARROWS or WASD keys to drive, accelerate, steer, and brake. Make sure you remain in balance, not crushed; otherwise, you will lose the game! Instead, try to be the first one to cross the finish line in a fast time and also collect gold coins on the courses to buy new vehicles and characters! This game has it all, as you can see, so it will surely be to your taste, and it will make you the best virtual racer ever!

We advise you to start playing and see how it goes! Try as many times as you need until you win! Play it with your friends and have fun all together. We invite you to try other racing games here on our website. Good luck!

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How to play

Use WASD or the ARROWS