Police Clash 3D

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This Police Clash 3D is definitely going to be a very interesting game that you get to play here on our site becuase this Police Clash 3D, first of all, it is a 3D game which means the game is even more realistic than the usual games we have here on our site, and another very interesting thing about this new Police Clash 3D is that, of course, you get to play with the police and of course that you don't have the chance to play with the police everyday so we hope this will make you curious about the adventures waiting for you in this Police Clash 3D. 

Well this Police Clash 3D is in fact a game in which you definitely need to pay attention to the instructions, you are going to be on the side of the police and you need to control them to go forward, and of course left or right. Sometimes you will start the level and the obstacle race with one policeman, other times they can be more, but each time you need to control them left and right in order to avoid all the obstacles in the level and of course get to the end of the level. 

Along the way in all of these obstacles levels, you will have the chance to control the policemen to go through some portals which can give you more men and that means you as a group are going to be stronger, because in the end of each level you need to fight against the criminals who want to escape the prison. 

You will collect golden coins when you succeed in a level and you can use those golden coins to make your men even stronger. Good luck!

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