Wolf Sheep And Cabbage

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Did you hear about Wolf, Sheep, and Cabbage? We are sure you will love this new game that has only one simple premise, so you will have to be focused on one simple goal that you can achieve only by using your strategies and tactics very carefully. We are going to help you by explaining to you how to play this game to make sure you have all the information you need to become a winner.

The story of this game is that there is a river with a man on a boat, and on one shore you have the wolf, the sheep, and the cabbage. Your mission will be to pass them over on the other side of the river with the men in the boat, but be careful to tell the wolf not to eat the sheep; the sheep will run away, and there will be many other problems like that. We already told you that you have to act strategically and protect them very well.

You lose this game if you don't manage to get them all safe on the other side of the river. So make sure you try not to lose them and keep them safe. If it happens to lose, it's ok, because you can always start again and improve your strategy. All you have to do is click on the wolf, on the sheep, on the men, on the boat, and on the cabbage to move them around as you think is best.

Let's begin and see how you handle this kind of game. We believe you can solve this problem and become a winner. All you have to do is stay consistent and think wisely. You can ask for the help of your friends and play this game together for many more chances to win. Good luck

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