King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom

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Embark on an amazing adventure with King Hagi Wagi in the Cloud Kingdom! Get ready to explore 40 fantastic levels filled with excitement and challenges. Your main goal is to protect the Cloud Kingdom from various bosses and adversaries who want to cause trouble. If you're all set for this awesome game, it's time to jump in and let the excitement begin! 

But hey, if you're curious to know more about this game before diving in, no worries. Just keep reading to get all the inside scoop. This way, you'll be fully equipped with all the cool info you need to play this game like a pro! To control King Hagi Wagi, you can use different keys like WASD, the mouse, or touch controls. 

Your mission is to guide the brave blue toy through the maps, collecting all the shiny coins along the way. Be super careful not to fall off the clouds, and watch out for sneaky enemies, tricky traps, and other dangers that might come your way. If you get knocked down, don't worry, you can start over and give it another try!

Keep an eye out for the four crowns scattered throughout the game. Gathering these crowns will help restore harmony to the Cloud Kingdom. There are tons of new discoveries waiting for you in this incredible world. I really hope each one of you has an absolute blast playing this game. There's nothing quite like having an amazing playtime filled with loads of fun and adventure. 

And guess what? If you're hungry for even more fun experiences, don't hesitate to check out other games similar to this one. Plus, why not share the excitement with your buddies? Invite your friends to join in on the fun so they can have an awesome time just like you! The more, the merrier!

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How to play

Use the WASD keys/mouse.