Light the Lamp

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Play free Light the Lamp - Puzzle Games

We have a brand new game for you in which you need to use your brain in order to solve all the levels, and that is this brand new Light the Lamp game. We are very pleased to be able to offer you the chance to play this new game because we are sure you are going to be a fan, you will see that this Light the Lamp is actually a very special game and you can have a lot of fun here. 

So we know you love adventures, many of you love car games, superhero games, and of course some of the most popular games here on our site are the girls games and the ones with Disney princesses, but every now and again we are sure you are curious to play a really good logical and skill game and this new Light the Lamp is the perfect one for the occasion. 

Your mission in this logical, puzzle game is to actually Light the Lamp, you have a light bulb in the upper part of the game and your mission is of course to guide the electrical cable to reach the plug in order to give the light bulb electricity. 

The first levels are going to be easy, but as you are moving forward in the game you are going to have more and more obstacles, all kind of sharp things and objects which will cut your wire if you go too close. That is why you need to use your logical thinking and, of course to use all of the other safe objects you have in each level in order to find a way to get the wire safely to get it plugged in and, of course, to Light the Lamp. Good luck!

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