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Hey there, strategy lovers and defenders of kingdoms! We've got something super special just for you, welcome to the realm of "Four Kingdoms Defense," our newest tower defense game waiting for you! If you're someone who loves defending kingdoms, making smart moves, and strategizing your way to victory, then this game was made for you!

So, what's the game all about? Picture this: your kingdom is under attack, and waves of enemies are charging towards your lands. But fear not! You're in charge here, and it's up to you to defend your kingdoms using your tactical brilliance! When the countdown to an enemy wave begins, it's your time to shine! Use your available money wisely to strategically place units along the pathway to your kingdoms. 

You've got an array of defenders at your disposal, from valiant peasants and skilled archers to mighty swordsmen, powerful ballistas, and massive catapults. Each one comes with different abilities and strengths, so choose wisely! Here's the challenge: as you crush waves of enemies, you earn gold. The more waves you beat, the more gold you'll have to recruit even stronger defenders. But hold on tight! 

Each new wave of enemies is tougher than the last, so you'll need to level up your defenses to keep up with the increasing strength of your foes. Now, here's the deal, your goal is to defend your kingdoms at all costs! If your defensive units aren't powerful enough and the enemy reaches the castle, it's game over. But we know you've got what it takes to strategize and win every battle to safeguard your kingdoms!

So, gather your courage, put your strategic skills to the test, and start defending those kingdoms! Conquer all the levels, protect every realm, and brace yourselves for endless excitement and fun. And hey, stick around because there's more fantastic content awaiting you in this kingdom-defense category!

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Use the mouse.