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Welcome dear adventurers! It is awesome to have you in the thrilling world of "Warships io"! Prepare to set sail on an epic multiplayer voyage filled with battles, pirate ships, and high-seas shooting excitement! We're thrilled to bring you this awesome game packed with action and adventure, specially crafted for all our fantastic website visitors! If you love playting awesome battle games where you can go with ships and you can also play with people from all around the world, then this game is for you!

Get Ready to Set Sail! In "Warships io", you become the captain of your own mighty ship! Now let's see what control keys will you have to use in this game and how you can play it. Use the WASD keys to navigate your vessel through the vast ocean. Now you may wonder, but what is your mission? To engage in epic battles against other players' ships! 

Ready your cannons and press the spacebar to fire cannonballs at your opponents. Aim carefully and blast them to decrease their ship's health bar, just like they're trying to do to you! But hold on tight! It's not just about shooting. To gain the upper hand in this epic war at sea, keep an eye out for chests floating in the water. Why? Because these chests contain valuable items! 

Collect health packs to repair your ship and firepower upgrades to make your attacks even stronger! The ultimate goal? Be the last ship sailing in this thrilling battle of warships! Defeat all your opponents and claim victory as the champion of the seas!

We're rooting for you on your daring nautical journey! So hop on board, set sail, and embark on this epic adventure! Don't stop now, there's a sea of thrilling games waiting just for you! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures ahead!

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How to play

Use WASD and space.