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Prepare for an epic demolition mission in "Destroy Base", a fantastic 3D online game that throws you into a world filled with blocks and geometric shapes forming the enemy bases and structures! This is your chance to unleash your destructive powers and demolish everything in sight! Welcome to our website, where the ultimate destruction game awaits you!

Feeling ready to dive into this awesome game? Perfect! It's time to kickstart the excitement and begin playing right away! But hey, if you're curious to discover more about the game before you start your adventure, stay tuned and read on. As you step into each level of Destroy Base, you'll find yourself perched atop a helicopter, surveying the enemy's base. 

Your mission? Click strategically to launch your attacks! Take aim at the red stickmen, the enemy soldiers, and unleash your firepower upon them! But wait, they won't make it easy for you, they're cleverly hiding inside the structures, making it a challenging task. You have the power to decide whether to target the stickmen directly or bring down the entire building they're hiding in! 

Each level presents you with more complex bases, requiring stronger strategies and improved focus to conquer. Be cautious, though, because these enemies fight back! Dodge their attacks, take them down, and protect yourself because if they eliminate you first, it's back to square one! With every level you conquer, you'll face tougher challenges, encounter more soldiers, and tackle fortified bases. 

Gear up, improve your skills, and bring down every obstacle in your way. Get ready to aim, fire, and demolish! The fate of victory is in your hands. So, are you up for the challenge? Dive into the thrilling world of Destroy Base now and show off your demolition skills! And remember, there's always more excitement waiting for you here!

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How to play

Use the mouse.