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One of the things which we are sure are going to make you excited about this Neko new game is that you are about to play with cats, cats are some peoples favorite pets and we are sure you are going to get along just perfect with the cute sleeping cats with whom you get to play in this fun and interesting new challenge we have for you, Neko. 

So this Neko is indeed a game with cats but it isn't just an animal game like you have maybe played before here on our site, this Neko is in fact going to be a logical game, a merging type of game in which you need to use your skills and logic in order to do a good job. 

So you are playing with cute little sleeping cats, well some of them are indeed little but you get to merge them and get to know much bigger cats in this Neko game. The little cats are in fact in a very big jar and you are going to drop more from the upper part of the game. One interesting thing about the game is that it is always going to tell you what cat you are going to receive next and you can even find out the breed of the cat, which is always fun. 

Well, as we said, you are going to drop the little sleeping cats in the jar, and you will see that when two cats which are identical touch, they will merge and form another, bigger cart, another breed. You can even move the cats which are already in the jar by dropping the other cats in the right position. You of course need to pay attention with your choices because if the jar gets too full and you can't make any more merges, you will lose the level. Good luck!

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