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Well we hope dear kids that you are ready for a new Kogama adventure because this brand new Kogama Dog Parkour has a lot to offer, and we can tell you from now that a Kogama game, a multiplayer game like this new one, Kogama Dog Parkour, is not going to be an easy game so we hope you are ready for a challenge because you will find one here on our site. 

So this Kogama Dog Parkour has a lot of challenges and surprises for you, you need to control your little Kogama character and you have different weapons you can use, different challenges, different enemies and obstacles and you will need to adapt to every situation and the main goal of each level is for you to reach the flag at the end of the level, but there are a lot of dangers for you to face until you can reach it.

So if you are indeed ready for a new Kogama adventure, you can check out this Kogama Dog Parkour, and the game will even give you the chance to meet and play with dogs, as the title of the game says it as well. There are a lot of challenges in this adventure and the only way to get to know what it is in store for you is to actually come and start the game and you will adapt to each new challenge to come your way. 

In each Kogama level you have a main mission, and this time you need to reach the flag at the end of the level in order to move forward to the next one. But this is not going to be an easy challenge in this adventure, because each level is filled with all kind of enemies, challenges, even bonus points and golden coins which you can collect to help you in your journey. Good luck!

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How to play

use ARROW KEYS to move, MOUSE to look around and aim and shoot, Q for holster weapons, V to drop, E to interact, K to respawn