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"Chess with a Computer" brings the classic game of chess right to your fingertips! Whether you're playing against the computer or challenging a friend, get ready for an exciting chess match. If you love games where you have to use your logical skills, then this game is totally for you, because here you have to think wisely of your moves, in order to win the chess party. 

Well, if you feel prepared for this great chess game, you can start right now and have some fun! Or if you want to find out how to play this chess game, then you should follow along and find out more! There are two awesome ways to play this game: you can face off against the computer or challenge a friend to see who's the chess master! When you play against the computer, there are five difficulty levels to choose from. 

Beginners might find the easy level a great place to start, while more experienced players can test their skills on the harder levels. Customize your game by choosing the background color, black or white, and decide if you want sound effects on or off. Keep track of your progress with game statistics that show your victories and defeats, sorted by difficulty level. Playing is simple! 

The game follows the same rules as the traditional chess game you might already know. All the chess pieces are the same as the standard ones used in international chess. Begin with an easier level and work your way up to more challenging ones. Feeling social? You can call a friend over and pick the mode where you can play against each other. 

Take turns making moves and see who can outsmart the other on the chessboard! So, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of chess, where every move counts and strategy rules! Have fun, challenge yourself, and enjoy the exciting game of "Chess with a Computer"!

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