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Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure in "Nextbot Can You Escap", a horror survival game with a twist of artificial intelligence! Imagine being trapped by a computer program, and you know just how smart those computers can be. Now, it's up to you to give your absolute best to survive the horrors unleashed by the Nextbot. 

We're here to guide you on how to navigate this spine-chilling experience, so you can give it your all right from the start! Can You Escape the Nextbot? Get ready to dive into the spooky world of Nextbot, where survival is the name of the game. To maneuver through the levels, use the WASD keys on your keyboard. 

Interact with items around you by using the mouse, and be prepared to face the challenges that await you. Your mission? Survive for 100 seconds in each of the six rounds, with each new level becoming even more challenging than the last. As you explore the facilities where the menacing robot has trapped you, brace yourself for horrors and scary encounters. 

The key is to avoid getting caught by the relentless robot. If he catches you, it's game over, and you'll have to restart. Stay sharp, stay vigilant, and most importantly, stay alive! Now that you're armed with the basics, it's time to embark on your escape mission. Use your wits, agility, and quick thinking to outsmart the Nextbot and survive the harrowing challenges that lie ahead. 

Remember, timing is crucial, so keep an eye on the clock and make every second count. Feel ready to face the Nextbot's AI-driven horrors? Great! Start your adventure right here, and once you've conquered this challenge, we've got a lineup of awesome games waiting for you. We promise there's more excitement and fun in store, so buckle up for a thrilling ride through the world of Nextbot!

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Use the WASD keys and the mouse