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Exploring the "Solar System" is super cool, and now you can do it while playing a fun game! In this game, you'll get to learn all about the sun and the planets that orbit around it. There are eight planets in total, and each one is unique and interesting. Well, if you feel prepared for this game, then you can start to play it right now and let the fun begin! 

In case you want to find out more about this game before starting to play, you can follow along and read the next part of the description. When you start the game, you'll see the sun and the planets lined up in order. The game will point to one planet at a time, and it's your job to guess which planet it is. You'll see four options to choose from, and you just need to pick the right one. 

If you're not sure which planet it is, don't worry! You can take a guess and see if you're correct. If you get it right, you'll learn something new about that planet. And if you get it wrong, that's okay too! It's all part of the learning process. As you play the game, you'll start to become more familiar with the names of the planets and where they are located in the "Solar System". 

You'll also learn some cool facts about each planet, like how big it is or what it's made of. The best part is that you can play this game with your friends! Invite them to join you on this journey through space and see who can guess the most planets correctly. 

It's a fun way to learn and explore together. So what are you waiting for? Let's blast off into the "Solar System" and start playing this awesome game! I hope you will enjoy this game, good luck and have fun!

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Use the mouse.