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"Knight Vs Zombies" is an exciting new action-adventure game online that we highly recommend for all our visitors. In this game, you get to battle zombies in a unique way, playing as a knight who uses both swords and magic. This combination promises one of the most thrilling experiences you can have on our website, whether you’re playing on a computer or a mobile device!

"Knight Vs Zombies" puts you in the shoes of a brave knight who ventures through a dangerous forest filled with zombies and obstacles. Here’s how to play and enjoy this epic adventure. March forward and attack, your knight will automatically move forward through the forest. When you encounter zombies, attack them by clicking your mouse or tapping the screen. This action lets you swing your sword and defeat the undead enemies.

Jump over obstacles and traps by pressing the spacebar. Timing your jumps is crucial to avoid getting hurt and slowing down your progress. Use the WASD keys to unleash powerful magic spells: W for Fire: Burn your enemies with flames. S for Stone: Crush zombies with falling rocks. D for Wind: Blow away obstacles and foes. A for Water: Drench and weaken the zombies.

You need to pick up these magic powers as you progress through the levels, so make sure to collect them when you see them. As you defeat zombies and move through the forest, collect as many coins as possible. These coins are your treasure and can be used to unlock rewards at the end of your journey. Always be on the move and ready to attack or jump. Zombies and obstacles can appear suddenly, so stay alert.

Collect magic powers and use them strategically to deal with tougher zombies and clear obstacles that block your path. Don’t miss out on picking up coins and magic power-ups. They’re essential for your success in the game. Now that you know everything, you can start playing! Have fun and good luck!

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How to play

Use WASD, space, the mouse.