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"Chicken Wars Merge Guns" is a captivating blend of tower defense, shooting, and merge mechanics that will keep you hooked as you help chickens fend off waves of menacing monsters, zombies, and other formidable foes. With its unique combination of genres and adorable chicken characters, this game offers a refreshing and engaging experience that’s both challenging and entertaining.

Your goal in "Chicken Wars Merge Guns" is to defend your base against relentless waves of enemies by strategically placing and upgrading chickens armed with various guns. You’ll need to defeat all the monsters in each wave to advance through the levels, which become progressively more difficult. Use the mouse to control the battlefield and manage your chickens. Click to place, merge, and upgrade units. Access the shop to buy new units and upgrades.

At the start of each level, use the coins you have to purchase chicken units. Place these chickens strategically along the lanes to maximize their shooting effectiveness against the incoming waves of enemies. Merge two chickens of the same level to create a more powerful unit. For example, merging two Level 1 chickens results in a Level 2 chicken with enhanced firepower and abilities.

Continuously upgrade your units by merging to keep up with the increasing difficulty of each wave. Enemies will approach your base in waves, each coming down a different lane. The chickens will automatically shoot at the enemies in their lane. Ensure that you have enough firepower spread across all lanes to prevent enemies from reaching your base.

Defeat enemies to earn coins, which you can use to buy new units and upgrades. Collect coins from defeated enemies and use them wisely to maintain and enhance your defense. Visit the shop to purchase upgrades such as increased durability, repair abilities, and new skills for your chickens. Invest in upgrades that bolster your defense and improve your chickens' shooting capabilities, allowing you to withstand tougher waves of enemies.

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