Red Cube in Dash Geometry

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"Red Cube in Dash Geometry" is an exciting fusion of the classic "Red Ball" games and the fast-paced, obstacle-dodging gameplay of "Geometry Dash." This unique game challenges players to navigate through a geometric world filled with perilous obstacles, all while maneuvering a red cube instead of the traditional ball.

The main goal is to guide the red cube through a series of challenging levels, avoiding obstacles and enemies, to reach the end of each course safely. Use Arrow Keys or WASD Keys to move the cube. Left/Right Arrows or A/D Keys to move horizontally. Up Arrow or W Key to jump. Down Arrow or S Key to crouch or descend platforms. Click on the screen to shoot fireballs at enemies. 

Use fireballs strategically to clear obstacles and defeat enemies in your path. Timing is crucial when jumping over obstacles or moving platforms. Practice makes perfect, so get a feel for the cube's jump height and distance. Spikes can appear on both the floor and ceiling. Always stay alert and anticipate their positions to navigate through safely. 

You may encounter larger cubes that can serve as moving platforms or shields against enemies and obstacles. Use them to your advantage to progress through difficult sections. Falling into pits or getting caught in traps will reset your progress. Be cautious and plan your moves carefully. Fireballs can be used to eliminate enemies or destroy certain obstacles. 

Use them sparingly and aim accurately to conserve this valuable resource. Some levels may require wall jumping. Practice jumping off walls to reach higher platforms or avoid traps. Certain platforms or obstacles move in timed patterns. Learn their cycles and move at the right moment to avoid danger. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase. We hope you enjoy the game and share it with friends for even more fun and competition. Happy gaming!

How to play

Use the arrows and the mouse.