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"Anime Horror Escape" is a thrilling horror survival game that merges the eerie atmosphere of horror games with the distinct visual style of anime, creating a unique and captivating experience. In this game, players find themselves trapped in a terrifying house, being chased by a creepy anime girl, and their objective is to escape while solving puzzles and avoiding capture. 

Here’s how to navigate the chilling world of "Anime Horror Escape" and ensure your survival. For a seamless experience, familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. Move around the environment with the WASD keys. Run faster with shift, but be cautious as running depletes your energy. Crouch with C key to hide or move stealthily. Interact with objects with E key such as keys, clues, and doors. 

On mobile devices, touch and swipe to perform the same actions. Your main goal is to escape the house where you are trapped. To do this, you must find and collect various items, solve puzzles, and unlock doors. The anime girl, who serves as the game’s antagonist, will be chasing you throughout the house. Avoid her at all costs to stay alive. 

Search each room meticulously for clues and items. Check under furniture, inside drawers, and on shelves. Keys are essential for unlocking doors that lead to new areas of the house or provide an escape route. Many doors and items are locked behind puzzles. Use your wit to solve them by finding patterns, codes, or objects that fit together. 

While running is a good immediate escape, it quickly depletes your energy. By understanding the mechanics of "Anime Horror Escape" and applying strategic thinking, you can outwit the pursuing anime girl and successfully escape from the haunted house. Dive into this gripping and spine-chilling adventure and put your survival skills to the ultimate test!

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How to play

Use the WASD keys, the mouse, shift, C, and E.