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As we said before, the Smurfs are pretty similar to us, humans, the differences between us and them are more on the physical part, because, well, they are blue and very tiny. But they also live in house, even if they have their own village and little houses made of mushrooms, we humans live in houses too, only that we are too big to live in mushroom houses, so ours are made out of bricks and other stuff.The Smurfs are similar to humans even when it comes to their behavior, and since they were in our world, adventure you may know about from the Smurfs movies, their hobbies are even more like ours. For example, in this Smurf game, they like to play ping pong, a very nice and relatively easy game which you kids may know as well, but don’t worry if you don’t because we will tell you what you have to do and you will manage to play just fine. So your mouse’s cursor will turn into a wooden palette which you have to use to play ping pong, or table tennis, as it is also called, and with it you have to hit the little ball. You are playing against Papa Smurf so be carefoul because he is really good, but don’t worry, you have a lot to learn from him. Good luck!

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