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We all know the funny , little, blue Smurfs that brighten our lives because they are so nice and fun to watch on the cartoons and we hope you are very excited to have the chance to play with them here on our site where we try to prepare the best games we can find so we make sure you will have fun with your friends. If you have seen the cartoons maybe you have a favorite Smurfs, although they are so many that it’s very hard to choose from them, but we try to offer you different games with different Smurfs, like the most popular ones, and the Clever Smurf is deffinetely one that appears very often, he likes to meddle in everybody’s business and when the other Smurfs want to do something more reckless he always steps in and gives all kind of advice that nobody asked for. So he is a very funny Smurf and even if nobody really listens to him and they ignore him sometimes, that doesn’t mean they don’t love him. Well maybe some of you like Clever Smurf the best and we are very happy to give you the opportunity to play with him in this new and fun game, all you have to do is color him, as you may figured it out from the title. Good luck!

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