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If you love the Smurfs, well then you are exactly at the right place because we are offering you a new and great Smurfs game, this is specialy made for the biggest fans so we hope that you will enjoy it, it right for you and it is right even for those who don’t know or maybe don’t like the Smurfs because after this one game there is a high possibility that you will change your mind. So in this very sweet new Smurfs game it will be like you are there with your best friends, having a great time, and if you are fans you surely wanted at least onces to visit the Smurfs village and meet everyone, well in this game you have the possibility to find their village and then talk to a lot of Smurfs, because you are in a serios mission, you are not just walking around. Poor Smurfette has lost her voice, nobody knows exactly why, but Papa Smurf is asking for your help to do whatever is takes to help Smurfette so she can speak and sing again because she is very upset. In your quest you must talk to a lot of Smurfs who may help you, but in the same time they might ask you for different favors, we hope you don’t mind that. Good luck!

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