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Maybe you know the story of Smurfette from the cartoons or even from the movies if you have seen them because she tells her story in the movies too, but maybe you don't so we could tell you in a few words what's her story and why is she the only girl in the Smurfs village, why is she different from all her brothers. So she wasn't born like all the rest of the Smurfs and Papa Smurfs isn't her real father, Smurfette was created by Gargamel to lure the rest of the Smurfs, because she is so pretty and nice, but thanks to Papa Smurfs and his powers and his magical spells book , he fixed the situation and now Smurfette lives in the village like any other of the Smurfs. But she is still the only girl in the village and that makes her different because her likings are different, but that is not necesarrily bad. For example , in this new Smufs games she wants to teach you how to make a delicious cake from a secret recipe she knows. It's true that the baker Smurfs knows how to make cakes too, but maybe Smurfette's is a little bit different, that is up to you to decide. Good luck!

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