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Mabel and Dipper are the main characters of the Gravity Falls story from Disney XD. The twins are going to visit their uncle through the summer. Finding a mysterious journal near the Mystery Shack unlocks a summer filled of adventure for the tow Disney characters!

There are a lot of Disney games already here on our website, and today we are bringing a brand new series of Gravity Falls games that you can play for free with all of your friends. Boys and girls together can play the Gravity Falls games that we brought for you guys because there are interesting, funny, and filled with challenging games for kids of all ages. Girl characters and boy characters are also going to be inside the category, so you guys can relate with one of the characters you like the most, and you can see how many points you can gain in each and every one of the Gravity Falls games posted in this new category.

This is going to be a mystery cartoon series for Disney, and you guys can watch it on Disney XD for the most part. This Disney XD series will have two main characters, Dipper Pines, and his sister, Mabel Pines, which like plenty of kids all around the world, are spending their summer break from school far away from home. They are going to Gravity Falls in Oregon to spend the summer with their great-uncle Stan. The entire show is going to be based on Gravity Falls, and so the Gravity Falls games name for the entire series. The city is an unusual one because it's packed with unnatural and supernatural stories and activities, which intrigue Mabel and Dipper.

The very first episode which started the Gravity Falls games of this Disney XD show first appeared in 2012, on June 15, and it had four full-on seasons, which was pretty ok for a cartoon. The series was finished in 2016, not being canceled but being announced that it finished, and it was a good journey for Gravity Falls. The final episode is called Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls, and it was one of the longest episodes, lasting one hour.

The Gravity Falls games that appeared during the show was airing are very exciting, having little details from the actual Disney XD show, which we are sure that you are going to appreciate, and will make your experience inside the Gravity Falls games online from our website even more interesting than before. The games will have special challenges, and they will be filled with adventures, because Mabel and her brother always get in different difficult scenarios with their uncle, and you will have to be sure that you can defeat them and keep both kids safe throughout the Gravity Falls games that you can play for free even on your phones and tablets!

In the Falls

Dipper and Mabel are going to be the main characters inside the show and inside each and every one of the Gravity Falls games that we are going to start posting here on our website. You dear kids can see soon enough in the Disney XD series that Mabel and Dipper and twin brother and sister! This is not very ordinary, as we don't really know another series besides the Suite Life of Zack and Cody show! The two twins will spend the summer with their uncle Stan Pins in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Uncle Stan is not going to be an ordinary uncle, as he is a little bit eccentric and weird in his behavior, but Mable and Dipper love him and love spending time with their uncle. Stan owns and runs a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack, which is the beginning of almost every one of the twins' adventures. Dipper and Mable were playing in the woods, and they found a mysterious journal in which there were stories and riddles about special places in town and different mysteries that they could unlock with the help of this journal.

The brothers will not go one day without a new mystery unlocked from the journal, and they will not do that all alone. Uncle Stan is always one step behind, making sure that his grandchildren are safe from any danger. They will also have help from other characters which you will meet with inside the Gravity Falls games, such as the cashier from the Mystery Shack, called Wendy. Dipper made a new friend in Gravity Falls, and his name is Soos Ramirez, and will also be a character that you will meet a lot inside the Gravity Falls games.

Each day will be different from the twins in Gravity Falls, and you will be able to be with them every step of the way by playing our new online Gravity Falls games. You will see how much fun you can have playing them through Gravity Falls, and which will be the mysteries that you will like the most.

Mable Stan and Dipper

This new series of Gravity Falls games will bring you guys one step closer to your favorite Disney XD characters! You will see that there are going to be plenty of 2 player games for kids that you can try out such as Tic Tac Toe, Table Tennis, or other sports that you play in a team! Mable and Dipper will most likely play together in a team and you will have to play against them, or you will be playing one against each other, and you will have one of the Mable avatars or Dipper avatars to play with.

Besides the 2 player challenges inside the Gravity Falls games, you will see that there are going to be plenty of adventure games for boys that you can play for free. Remember, each of the Gravity Falls games inside this new category are going to be free to play online on whatever device you like, computer, laptop, ipad or mobile phone! Which are these adventures you ask yourself? Well, you will see that you will be searching the Gravity Falls woods for mysterious items such as bracelets, amulets or even glowing crystal balls, which you will see inside the differences games or the Gravity Falls Hidden Objects games.

The Gravity Falls adventure games for kids will be the biggest attraction of the series because dear children you will be picking one of the main characters that you like the most, and after pressing the play button, you will go through the city with the mystery journal in your hand, and start unlocking mysteries left and right. Magic, magical creatures, monsters and ghosts are to be expected in this series, so you must not scare easily.

Being just children, Mable and Dipper will need all the help that they can get from you guys, and you will see that they might get hurt in these adventures in the woods, so you will see that we brought for you the Mabel Injured game for children, in which you will be playing doctor, and you have to be sure that you can heal all of Mabel's wounds and injuries as fast as possible so that she can return to the adventure and help her brother. Both Disney characters might need to go to the dentist during their stay in Gravity Falls, so we got that covered as well, and we prepared for you the Dipper and Mable Dentist game that you can play for free. Have fun!

Where can we watch Gravity Falls?

Gravity Falls is on Disney XD.

Who are the main characters of this story?

Mable and her twin brother, Dipper.

What is Gravity Falls?

This is a mystery and comedy cartoon from Disney, and the name comes from the Gravity Falls town.

What are Mable and Dipper doing in Gravity Falls?

They are spending their summer with their uncle, Stan.

How many seasons are there?

There are 2 seasons of Gravity Falls.

Is there a new season of Gravity Falls coming out?

No, a new seasons was not announced.

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