Gravity Falls Lil Gideon Shrink Back

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Well our administrative team has just decided to bring you the newest adventure game with the characters from the animates series Gravity Falls. We know that you like our games so, we continue to offer new and at least as beautiful as the other ones in order to have fun with your favourite characters. The new game for today is and adventure game, a game where you will have to help Dipper and Mabel stop Li'l Gideon before he reaches the Mystery Shack and shrinks Grunkle Stan. Lil Gideon vowed to vengeance on all the Pines Family and he got first to Dipper and Mabel but they has a crystal that lets them to skring and get bigger for a limited time. They succed in escaping Lil Gideon, but they have to stop him before he reaches to the Mistery Shack and hurt Grunkle Stan. First of all you will have to choose your favourite character and after that to help your friends in their mission. The game has several levels and we inivte you to play it and advance all of them. Have fun!

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How to play

Use the arrows to move and the spacebar to attack.