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The category is with the characters from the new movie Inside Out and we invite you to play the games that we have to offer.

It is time for a new category of games, a category in which you will have a lot of fun with us. The new category that we have to offer is created especially for you, just like all the others. We already told you but we will keep repeating it, that we create this category so that you can find all the games with your favourite characters more easily. We want to have a huge family of categories so that you can have fun with us, playing as many games as you can. We are always looking to offer you a new and beautiful online games in which you will have alot of fun with us.All the games that we have to offer are divided in special categories so you can find them more easily. The category is with the characters from the new movie Inside Out and we invite you to play the games that w ehave to offer. We are looking to offer you always the newest games and that includes the special categories in which they are placed. This time we have decided that we should offer you a category with the characters from the movie Inside Out and in it to put all the existing online games that there are. Because it is a new movie we will offer you some detailes about the story and the characters and after that you are invited to play the games that it has to offer. The main character of the movie is a girl named Riley who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and, in her mind are created five physical forms of emotion named Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. Each emotion has a defined purpose in Riley's life and you will found out in a second who what purpose has. Joy attempts to keep her happy, Anger keeps her life fair, Disgust keeps her from being poisoned both physically and socially and Fear keeps her safe which in fact if you think is the same with us. Sadness, however, doesn't think she has a purpose in her mind, or that of the other emotions, and is ignored as a result but in time we will discover it’s purpose too. Oblivious to Sadness' crisis, the other emotions focus on organizing Riley's memories, which are housed in spheres known as Memory Orbs. The most relevant memories are five "islands" in Riley's subconscious, each reflecting a different aspect of her personality: Family Island, Friendship Island, Goofball Island, Hockey Island and Honesty Island. One day Riley and her parents move to another town, where she has to start a new life, with new friends, new everything. The emotions try everything in their power to make the moving process a pleasant experience, only to turn on Sadness when she turns a happy memory orb into a sad memory and accidentally causes a core memory to fall out. Aware that memories cannot be changed back once turned sad, Joy decides to keep Sadness occupied. You will get to know all of them by viewing the movie and also by playing all the games that we have for you, here on!

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