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The category is with the characters from the new movie Inside Out and we invite you to play the games that we have to offer.

A new Disney story, a new games category! A very nice rhyme through which we are presenting for you guys the new Inside Out games that you guys can try for free! Here on our website, all the kids can play awesome games, and some of them are going to be the Inside Out games, through which kids all ages can learn which are our emotions and how we can keep them under control each and every one of the days of the week.

Inside Out is a Disney and Pixar movie that was a real blockbuster and was very fast one of the best movies created by Disney. This movie is a computer-animated movie that appeared in 2015 and was produced by Disney in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios, which is one of the biggest movie makers on the market. The entire movie is going to be based on the inner workings of the mind inside a little girl that is called Riley, and which ironically is not even going to be the main character of the story!

This Disney movie was very popular in 2015 when it first appeared, and kids all ages, boys and girls loved to watch the movie and after that they started to think of their emotions more, and started to recognise them during their daily routines. Kids started to know after watching Inside Out why they get angry and that the feeling that they are feeling is anger. Why they are sad, and that the feeling that they are feeling is sadness. Why they are happy and that the feeling that they are feeling is happiness. And why they feel a little bit down, and that the feeling they are feeling is called blue. This is just the beginning of the story, and how you can better understand the Disney movie, and better understand which will be the challenges that you can play through our Inside Out games!

Feelings and emotions

The main character of the story is not going to be the girl that is controlled by her emotions. Her name is Riley, and she is in the middle of moving from a city to another with her family. The main characters of the Inside Out games are going to be emotions that control Riley’s mind and her attitude. Their name is Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. Each and every one of her experiences are stored in the back of her mind and are colored orbs. Joy is the happiness emotion, and she acts like she is the leader, and of course they will have the headquarters is going to be inside Riley’s head.

Riley is 11 years-old and she is about to move from Minnesota to San Francisco, due to her father’s new job. At the beginning, Riley does not love the move, because she doesn’t like the house they moved into, the food that she loves which is pizza is delivered is a different kind that the one she loves to eat, and her father doesn’t have as much time to spend with her that he used to. Being controlled through her emotions, Riley cries during her first day of school in front of her class and colleagues due to Sadness’ memories. While trying to fix the issue, Joy get her, Sadness and the memories to be sucked out of Riley’s head and headquarters.

Being all alone in headquarters, Anger, Fear and Disgust are taking control of Riley’s emotions, which bring disasters over and over, because they don’t know how to keep a balance between Riley’s emotions and keep her happy. Riley stops talking with her parents, stops making friends and stops playing or pursuing any of her hobbies. The Inside Out games adventures will all rely on the mission in which Joy and Sadness tries to get back to headquarters, and Anger, Fear, Disgust to get back with all the other emotions so that they can work together and help Riley become her old self faster.

This is the beginning, and playing the Inside Out games, you dear kids can be able to be closer to the action through the Inside Out challenges. You will have to be sure that you can defeat all the games and that you can start having the highest score in each and every one of the Inside Out games and challenges that you can play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets for free for you to play with all of your friends.

Control the emotions

Riley’s emotions have managed to return in her head, and that’s the beginning of Riley’s return to her own self. This only helps you guys to have more and more Inside Out games to play for free, and starting from now, you can start playing with all of your friends. Inside the games, you are going to meet with Riley, Sadness, Joy, Anger, Fear and Disgust and they will bring for you guys a lot of exciting challenges from different types of games. You can see that the Inside Out characters are going to have for you guys interesting games like the Inside Out coloring games, in which you can see that we have prepared for you children amazing pictures from the Disney movie! You can see that using the MOUSE, you can pick up different colors that you want to use in your picture of the Inside Out characters.

There are going to be a lot of Inside Out puzzle games ready for you to play with all of your friends. You can see that in each Inside Out puzzle, you have to make sure that you can solve the puzzles as fast as possible. It’s not going to be easy at all, because dear children you can see that the number of puzzle pieces will be bigger and bigger depending on the difficulty of the game that you pick. The Puzzle games are played using the MOUSE, and you have to be sure that you can solve the Inside Out puzzle games, and you can defeat the challenges and have a great time playing on the mobile phones and tablets for free.

There are going to be Slots games with the Inside Out characters, which you can play for free here on our website! You can see that inside the games, you will have a screen, on which you have to pull a handle and make sure that you can defeat the challenge. You will have three lines with five slots, and if you have the same icon in each slot in order to gain points. This is the only way that you can defeat the challenges and even gain a lot of points and earn money through the Inside Out Slots games.

Being a girly category, all the Inside Out games will have a girl part, and you have the chance to play cute little dress-up, makeup, hairstyle, spa and makeover challenges for free. You can see that inside the challenges, Riley, Joy or Sadness are the main characters. You have the chance to meet with your main characters, because this is the only way that you can have a great time and make the girls look amazing. Inside the Inside Out games that have a makeover theme, you can see that there are going to have special challenges and have little missions to make the Disney girls to look like a vampire, zombie, monster or even animals for Halloween. This is just a short example of the Girl and Dress-up games from the Inside Out games category, and you will have a great time playing them for free even on your mobile phones and tablets for you to play with all of your friends. Have fun!

Is Inside Out a Disney story?

Yes, Disney and Pixar created the Inside Out movie.

Who is the main character in Inside Out?

There is not just one: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are the main characters.

Who is Riley?

Riley is the girl that is controlled by the mentioned emotions.

How old is Riley?

Riley is 11-years-old.

Which emotions are outside the headquarters?

Joy and Sadness are outside Riley's head.

What happens in Riley's first day at school?

Sadness floods Riley's memories with sad stories and she cries at school.