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Team Umizoomi is an educational show, which is going to have prepared coloring books, hidden objects challenges and even cute little dress-up games with other Nickelodeon characters!

Some of the most interesting games for kids are right here on our website. Team Umizoomi games category is the latest one that you can find and which you can search in order to find your favorite type of games. Right here on our website, you dear children can see how many new characters are appearing and which you can help to gain a lot of points, and inside this new category, you will meet with little robot characters which will provide of course a lot of adventures.

The Team Umizoomi cartoon is an American live-action series which you could watch on TV from different ages, and you can see that this is going to be a new 3D cartoon created on computers and aired on TV, more exactly aired on Nickelodeon, and we are sure that you will love the games that we are going to post, because this show is going to be created for children all ages to learn how to do correct math, count correctly and even learn how to read, to spell and even create intricate sentences, which will at the end help you even get greater grades in school, and you can tell your friends .

This entire category is going to have robot characters, and that will make it very special, unique and interesting to explore, because the Team Umizoomi robots are going to look different for each character, they will have different colors, and they will have special traits and abilities that will make them awesome. The entire category is going to have up to 10 games already posted for you to try, and we are sure that that plenty of new Team Umizoomi challenges for kids will be ready for you to try right here on our website. Because it's a rather new category, all the Team Umizoomi games are going to be free to play, and you will see that they will be available even on your mobile phones and tablets, not only on your computers or laptops.

It's going to be a lot of fun playing these games, because there will be plenty of educational games, adventure games, ability games, coloring challenges, racing challenges, driving games and different games in which the Team Umizoomi characters will meet up with other Nickelodeon characters that we are sure that you might already know. It's going to be a lot of fun, because the games can be played anywhere you are if you have an internet connection. Try out all the free games, and tell us which is your favorite, and you might even find new ones the next day on our website!

Robots and children

You guys have never seen any superheroes like the Team Umizoomi, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing the challenges and meeting with the new characters from this Nickelodeon story. You will see that the entire plot of the story is going to rely on the actions of three main characters which are going to live in the Umi City, a fictional world created by the designers at Nickelodeon, and you will see that it's going to be the perfect world where robots, humans, and mystical creatures can all live together, and in which the children from our website can learn a lot of cool stuff while having fun with their favorite characters.

Next step of this description about the Team Umizoomi dear kids is for you to learn which are the main characters, the secondary characters, and what are the abilities each of them will have to complete the challenges and the adventures that are going to wait for you guys inside this new category! One of the most important characters of this Nickelodeon story is going to be Milli, a 6 year-old girl who is going to have a very special ability, which plenty of kids have and which grow up to be very smart. She know how to read patterns and anticipate based on that different actions and changes in the future. One of her very special abilities is that when Milli starts to sing, these patterns are used to solve problems and equations like math problems.

Geo is another characters which you can meet with inside the Team Umizoomi and he is going to be a 5 year-old boy that solve issues inside the show using only shapes. Geo is Milli's brother, and you will see that he is going to take basic shapes like a circle, a square or a triangle and start to put them all together and start to create intriquet designs that can be build in real life, like cars, motorcycles, bicycles, robots, space ships, airplanes or even helicopters, and that will make him one of Team Umizoomi's engineers. Bot is the first robot characters from the Team Umizoomi that you will meet with, he is going to have a green color in different tones, depending on what place the color is for. He is going to have different abilities like any robot, and one of them is extending his limbs and make his belly become a screen which can be used to do math or have different calls with all the other Team Umizoomi characters.

A very special character from this story is going to be the UmiCar! This is more of a gadget than a character, because you will see that UmiCar is an orange car, that has the ability to drive itself and be 100% authonomous, which will make him one of the most performant cars in the world if you start to think of it. The Umizoomi characters are using UmiCar to move inside the Umi City, and reach their targets as fast as possible once a problem appears. You dear kids can see that the car will be smarter and smarter with each episode that is going to go by.

These are just a few of the characters from the Team Umizoomi show, and we are sure that the Nickelodeon world is going to continue to reveal more stories and more shows for you guys to watch and play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets.

Play the Umizoomi

We already said that this characters is for little children that are very curious and which want to learn a lot of new things, and so dear kids you can see how much fun it will be to help the Team Umizoomi characters in their little educational challenges, their little adventures, the action games, and even inside the little Nickelodeon simulator games which can be 3D. You will have to be very careful, because dear kids it's going to be a category filled with different types of games, and the Team Umizoomi are going to want you to have fun, so you got to try them one by one, and decide which can be your favorite.

Some of the most popular Team Umizoomi games are going to be the Coloring challenges, in which you will see that Milli, Geo, UmiCar or Bot will be the main characters. Inside these coloring games, you dear kids will see that all images that you can select to colour will be black and white at first, and your main job will be to help the Team Umizoomi characters to pick different colors for each picture, and start to color the characters, the objects and the environment inside the picture without crossing the guiding lines of the pictures. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be very satisfying when you will colour the entire Team Umizoomi pictures with just using the MOUSE, or taping with your fingers on the screen. The coloring game will be finished when you go through the entire coloring picture, and you dear kids will have to be sure that the pictures are going to be fully colored, and they will look amazing.

Another type of popular games inside this category are going to be the ability challenges! You will find that the Team Umizoomi will prepare for you guys different hidden objects challenges, puzzles that you can solve and even differences games which you can try for free, and see which is the highest score that you can achieve while playing. The Nickelodeon educational games are going to be very exciting, and the Express Yourself, Super Search and Carnival Puzzle games will be some of the most popular that you can find with the Team Umizoomi characters included! You will see that you will have to search through puzzles to find words, create different sentences with given words and even put puzzle pieces in the right spots so that you can play together with the Paw Patrol characters, the Blaze and the Monster Machines or with Shimmer and Shine, the cute little fairies. This new category is waiting for you to try out all the games, and we are sure that you will love playing them! Have fun!

Where can we watch Team Umizoomi?

The show was presented on Nickelodeon.

Who is the main character of the story?

This story has 3! Geo, Milli and Bot.

Is Team Umizoomi canceled?

Yes, the show was discontinued in 2015.

What's Geo's catchphrase?

Come and get us!

How old is Milli?

Milli is 6 years-old.

How old is Geo?

Geo is 8 years-old.