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What are Wolverine Games?

This new category that we have decided to offer to you is with Wolverine , one of the X-men characters.

Next the administrative team of games-kids.com has decided to offer you another new and beautiful category of games in which we want you to join us and have a lot of fun. This time the new category that we have for you is a category dedicated to characters and not any characters. Slowly we increase our family of categories until we have all the categories that you desire and all the games. More categories mean even more new games with both characters and different types of games. This new category that we have decided to offer to you is with Wolverine , one of the X-men characters. We have decided that now is our best chance to offer you this new and beautiful online category in which we are sure that you will have a lot of fun as always. This new category that we have in store for you is a beautiful one in which you wil have at your disposal all the existing games with Wolverine. During the Vietnam War, Victor attacks a young village girl. Soldiers from his platoon try to stop him, but he kills a senior officer. James reluctantly assists Victor, releasing his claws and prepares to defend his brother. For their grave insubordination, both James and Victor are placed in front of a firing squad to be executed. They survive the execution due to their regenerative healing abilities, and are placed in a cell soon after. Several hours later, William Stryker enters their cell asks them to join a special team of mutants he put together - Team X. James and Victor agree to join. During one of their missions, Team X arrives in Lagos, Nigeria and attacks a compound there. After defeating the compound's security forces, they obtain a mysterious rock - later discovered as adamantium, from the compound's leader and discover that it originates from a remote village. Upon arriving at the village, they are informed that the rock fell from the sky as a meteor. Stryker wants more information, and has Wade Wilson interrogate in his place because he speaks the language. After receiving no further answers, Stryker orders his team to attack the villagers. Logan, however, stops them before they can do so. After a brief argument with Victor, Logan quits the team and promptly leaves them, ignoring Victor's calling out to him. After a while he is forced to enter in a secret experiment and adamantuim is inserted in all his body, making him invincible. Here starts his adventures, his story. We will offer you as many games with Wolverine as we can and we invite you to join us and play them, here on games-kids.com!

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