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This time the new category that we have to offer is with one of your favourite super heroes, with Hulk.

Let us move even further with the new categories that we have in store for you. This time the new category that we have to offer is with one of your favourite super heroes, with Hulk. We have promised to offer you a special category to each super hero that you know and that is exactly what we are doing. Here you will have all the details about Hulk and after that you are invited to play the games that the category has to offer. During the experimental detonation of a gamma bomb, scientist Bruce Banner rushes to save teenager Rick Jones who has driven onto the testing field and risks to be exposed and even to die. Banner manages to push Jones into a trench to save him, but unfortunately, he gets hit with the blast, absorbing massive amounts of gamma radiation which will change his life forever. He awakens later in an infirmary, seeming mostly unharmed and without any other healthy problems. In that same night, he transforms into a huge green beast that breaks through the wall and escapes from the infirmery. A soldier in the ensuing search party names the creature he saw a hulk.The incarnation of Banner transformed into the Hulk at sunset was reverted at sunrise, making him return to his human for. Banner was cured in after some while of researching and tests, but chose to restore Hulk's powers with Banner's intelligence as he though it will help him save man kind from the other threats that are in the world. Not long after Hulk was baited into a trap by the Asgardian trickster, Loki, into destroying a train trestle. This would lead to the first instance where Hulk became a team player as he has to team up with some superheroes later,to stop other of his enemies. Beside the occasional group endeavors, Hulk has teamed-up with many others that didn't think he was so bad like, Spider-Man, Power Man and Iron Man on several occasions. Even brutes like the Thing and scrappers like Wolverine identified with Hulk and have allied with him almost as many times as they've fought against him which is a very strange friendship. Lately Bruce Banner and Hulk, join the Avengers a team that will fight against all the threats, and evil that wishes to take over the earth. The bond a friendship and Hulk gets more calm among friends, and knows who are his enemies. This new category that we have for you will bring you more and more new and fun games with Hulk and we are sure that you will love them as much as we do. Enjoy!

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