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The Incredible Hulk and all his Avengers friends are waiting for you to be part of amazing adventures together! 3D Simulators, motorcycle races, and a lot of car racing challenges are waiting for each and every one of you, guys!

We know that you guys want to have a lot of new friends when you play free Hulk games online, so today, dear children, you can see that we are bringing for you a brand new category! This is the new Hulk games category, in which you will have to be very careful because it's a new story with superheroes, with action challenges, and a lot of adventures, in which the boys from our website will manage to meet with the Incredible Hulk, the main character of the story, category, cartoon, and even movies! You will see that Hulk is one of the biggest and the most powerful superheroes created by the Marvel Universe and because of that, he is going to be a great asset to the Avengers group, and you will even see him in all the movies, all the battles and all the series created by Marvel.

Leaving the Avengers aside, the Incredible Hulk is very popular on his own, and his story is spread worldwide, bringing him a lot of admirers. In the beginning, the Incredible Hulk was a superhero that has his own comic book, and because in the US, there are a lot of collectors and enthusiasts of comic books, his story was more and more popular by the day, and with each comic book that appeared on the market. The first comic book of the Incredible Hulk appeared in 1962! Since then, Hulk had a few movies, and a few series of comic books, and appeared in different Marvel cartoons such as the X-Men, Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers, and even in the Fantastic Four. You, dear kids, will 100% recognize the Hulk by his appearance because it's very obvious that he will be very easy to spot in a crowd as being the big, loud, angry, and green superhero monster - now also in Hulk games.

The story of Hulk started in 1962 when a very intelligent scientist was part of a very secret project. Doctor Robert Bruce Banner, known as Bruce Banner in the show, worked on this project, in which they tried to mutate different types of DNA with gamma radiation. In a big test with the radiation, with the military present, something went wrong, and doctor Banner got exposed to a high value of the radiation, and that's when the Hulk was born, because the gamma radiation is now one with the doctor's own DNA, and it makes him mutate. Starting from that day, the doctor suffers from DID, a disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder, which means that, in different situations, when Bruce Banner's blood pressure gets too high, his alter ego, now known as the Hulk, will appear.

The doctor will not remember everything that he is doing when he is the Hulk, and that will get him in trouble plenty of times because even though the doctor is very smart, his alter will not have the same IQ! You will see that the Hulk will hardly be able to talk because he has the IQ of a toddler, but he is very strong, and often, the doctor started to learn how to control the beast - an aspect which you'll also need to master in Hulk games online. Another important detail is that, even from the beginning, the Hulk will be able to be controlled by the doctor's girlfriend, a sign that love can prevail in any situation, and the Hulk, even in its first frenzies, in which he couldn't be controlled in any way, never hurt Betty Ross.

Beast or superhero

This is just the first part of the entire story, but we are sure that we already got you interested & ready to play Hulk games! No one can resist a good monster superhero story, and you will see that it's only going to get more interesting. Yes, Bruce Banner wasn't a superhero from the beginning, but after his accident, the good doctor tried to solve his anger issues and make sure that he can control each and every moment when he wants to transform or summon his alter, the Hulk. In the beginning, the doctor couldn't control the urge to transform, because the Hulk is extremely powerful, and he is always in the back of his mind, and he lived with that fear. You will see that Bruce Banner is going to control the Hulk more and more, and they start to live as one, even when the doctor is transformed into the Hulk, which will automatically make him calmer and stop destroying everything that he has in front of him. Eventually, he was even able to save people's lives in each and every one of his superhero missions, as well as Hulk games online.

At the beginning of the story, when the Hulk is created, you will see, even through the online Hulk games for kids that we are going to post, that the superhero was considered a true monster. The doctor loved Betty Ross, the daughter of an army general which happened to be at the gamma bomb testing that went wrong, and he saw his "son-in-law" transformed into the Hulk for the very first time. General Ross started a manhunt with the Hulk as the main subject once he was transformed, and the first episodes of the comic book starred this story. The lover became the hunted, but the Hulk couldn't control his anger and his powers. Even though he was hunted by the army, the Hulk managed to take shelter in some caves far away from the incident when the bomb exploded, and after a few days, the Hulk managed to transform itself back to doctor Banner, but that did not stop the army controlled by the general, considering the doctor and now the Hulk as national security threats of the highest levels - this will also be the plot of several Hulk games. Having the whole army's support, the general manages to capture the Hulk in the end, but his daughter manages to show the general that even though he is the Hulk, Bruce Banner is still inside and that he still loves her.

The two lovers met when the Hulk was captured, and while in a destroying frenzy, under the eyes of his father, Betty manages to get to the Hulk and left herself to be "captured" by the monster. Betty only saw the love of her life through the eyes of the Hulk and she managed to talk to Bruce inside the Hulk, while he was still transformed. That was the first time that Bruce managed to control the Hulk, because, being the same person and sharing the same brain and heart, the Hulk also loves Betty as much as the doctor does. Betty manages to convince her father to let the Hulk go, and so the story of Hulk the superhero starts from that day because since then, Hulk started to go on real superhero missions by himself trying to help the Army protect all of America from any threat - this is exactly what most Hulk games online are all about!

This is just a part of the Incredible Hulk saga, and we are sure that all the boys that love superhero stories and, additionally, love the Marvel Studio cartoons, movies and stories, will continue to stay close to our newly-added Hulk games category! You will see that each challenge that you can start through this category can be played for free online, and you can even try to play them on your laptops, computers, mobile phones, or tablets!

Hulk and Avengers

Everybody knows which is the most powerful and the most popular gang of superheroes. When you say superhero team, everyone thinks immediately of the Avengers! Starting from today, you will see that there are going to be a lot of adventures ready for you guys to try for free online - inside our Hulk games! If you don't know who are the Avengers, it's not a problem, because we are going to tell you in the following seconds! You will see that inside the Avengers group, which is created and coordinated by Nick Fury from SHIELD, you will find some of your favorite superheroes from the Marvel universe! One of the most popular ones will be of course Iron Man or Tony Stark, when he is not wearing the Iron Man suit. Son of Odin, the God Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Natasha Romanoff, Hawkeye, Loki, and Nick Fury - these are all the other people and superheroes that you are going to meet in the Avengers, a group that tries to keep all the people from Earth safe from all the alien invasions, monster attacks, and even zombie invasions from other dimensions. Of course, Hulk is also going to be part of this amazing group.

You, dear kids, will see that, throughout the Hulk games on our website, there will be plenty of Avengers games, in which Hulk and his colleagues will try to save the world. There are a lot of 3D games in which two avatars will have to fight each other, and see if your character will be the one that wins the battle, and so, for one more day, the planet will be safe. You will see that the Hulk will also bring plenty of action games, in which you will be inside a 3D simulator game, and, by using the ARROW keys on the keyboard or the A, S, W, and D keys, you will have to control your 3D Hulk character so that he can move around the map. The adventure Hulk games will also be very exciting, because in each level, using the same control as mentioned above, you will have to run through the platforms, because each adventure level is going to be different, and you have to be sure that you can defeat all the opponents that will be in Hulk's way. There will be a lot of obstacles in your way, and you will have to dodge the bullets from your opponents, jump over the dangers and see how you can reach the finish line with Hulk, without him getting hurt.

Hulk will also prepare for you, guys, a lot of ability games, which are fan-based games available for you to play for free! There are going to be a lot of exciting coloring games, in which awesome black and white pictures with the Hulk and the Avengers, as well, will be ready for you to color completely. The puzzle pictures with Hulk will also be very exciting, because the pictures that you have to solve will be from different movies or series with the Hulk, and you might have not seen them before! There are going to be a lot of exciting challenges for girls as well, and you will see that, through the dress-up Hulk games, you will be able to change his costume, which is based on a pair of pants.

Motorcycles, bicycles, racing cars, and even trucks will be ready for you to drive through this new challenge, and you will have to be sure that you can win the Hulk games online by getting behind the wheel and start driving like a professional cargo driver or a racing pilot. Win the races with Hulk, and you will see how many other exciting new challenges for boys and girls will continue to appear for you to play with all of your friends and favorite characters right here on our website. Have fun!

Who is the Hulk?

He is the alter ego of Doctor Bruce Banner.

How was the Hulk created?

Hulk appeared after a big gamma radiation bomb exploded and infested Bruce Banner.

Is the Hulk bad?

No, the Hulk is a Marvel superhero.

Can Bruce Banner control the Hulk?

Yes, Bruce Banner summons Hulk more and more whenever he needs him and can cool him down the same way.

How many Hulk movies are there?

3! Besides the Avengers movies.

Is the Hulk part of the Avengers?

Yes, Hulk is part of the Avengers, and he appears in all of the movies.

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