Sheriff Callie in the Ambulance

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All the new games that we got to offer for you, brings your favourite characters from one of the most loved animated series. The character which will be with you in this new game si Sheriff Callie from the Wild West. Callie had an urgent mission to acomplish but unfortunately in her mission she got herself injured. Her wounds are not very serious but still, an ambulance has come to give her the first aid. You have to play the role of the paramedic from the ambulance and take care of your friend, Callie. In this game you will not get much instructions from the game, only a list with all the medical procedures that you need to do in order for Callie to be again healthy. You can start with any of the procedure from the list, and onced you finished with it, it will be erased from the list, remaining only the one that are not done yet. Callie is sure that you will take good care of her and that you will have a lot of fun, as always. Do not miss this new and beautiful game with Callie, only on!

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