Sheriff Callie Washing Toys

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We thought to offer you the new game with your favorite character from disney, Sheriff Callie. The new game that we have to offer is a game of skill and a fun one, a game where you get to spend some time with your friend, Sheriff Callie. Callie decided to do the autumn clean up in her bedroom and she wants to start with the toys. All her toys collection is a bit dusty and she wants to wash all of them. Because her toys are important to her and delicate, your friends wants you to give her a helping hand and start by sorting the animal toys from the other. To sort the toys you have a limited time, so you will have to hurry in case you want to go further in the game. After you finish sorting the toys, you will go to a next level, where you will start the waship process. First of all, you need to follow the instructions that Callie gives you and wash the toys in the exact order, using the appropriate detergent. Callie not only wants to spend time with you and wash her toys, she also wants you to learn that it is important to clean your room by yourself, and not to wait for others to do it for you. Have fun along with Callie!

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