Aladdin Runner

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We are pretty sure you have played other runner games here on our site or on any other sites or telephones or so on, but this Aladdin Runner game is super fun and you can't miss it out dear kids and the truth is we are truly happy to have the chance to offer you this Aladdin game because there are many Aladdin , just Aladdin games here on our site because in most of them you end up playing with Jasmine which are girl games so of course that we hope you will enjoy this Aladdin Runner game, all of you even boys. This is a typical runner game in which you have to try to get as far in the level as possible, well in the game because this is only one level and you have to help Aladdin get away from the man who is chasing him, but you can also collect coins. One thing you really have to pay attention to in this Aladdin Runner game is to avoid the obstacles in your way. Good luck!

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