You VS 100 Skibidi Toilets

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We hope you are ready for a real challenge because this You VS 100 Skibidi Toilets is one of the new games which you can check out from the Skibidi Toilets game collection, and any one of you who loves action games, shooter games, fighting and strategy games, this You VS 100 Skibidi Toilets is just the perfect game for you because you get to do all of that. 

We hope you have followed the Skibidi Toilets series before because than you know exactly what kind of amazing games are waiting for you here and just by reading the title of this brand new You VS 100 Skibidi Toilets game you can see that you are up for a real challenge this time. 

So you will in fact be in control of one of these Skibidi Toilets characters which, for those of you who don't know the series and this is the first time you are playing a game with them, the Skibidi Toilets are humanoids which toilets as heads or, sometimes, even toilets with human heads, so be prepared to see everything in this new You VS 100 Skibidi Toilets. 

So you are in fact controlling a humanoid with a toilet head, you have a weapon from the beginning of the game and you can use that weapon in order to shoot all the enemies which are going to come at you in each level. Each following level is going to be more difficult than the one before, but don't worry because when you succeed in a level you will get points and than you can use those points to upgrade the gear you have and be even more powerful so you could face the growing numbers. Good luck!

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use the ARROW KEYS and the MOUSE