Skibidi Toilets 3D

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Play free Skibidi Toilets 3D - Skibidi Toilet Games

Our site,, is definitely the perfect place for you dear kids to check out all kind of fun and interesting games and we, the administrative team of the site, are always trying to bring you the most amazing and fun games ever. One of the things we know is very important is for you to have the chance to play with all kind of characters here on our site and the new games with the Skibidi Toilets are definitely some characters and a world which you may never ever thought about being able to play with. 

So we are happy to give you the chance to play this new Skibidi Toilets 3D which is a fun and interesting idle game, and if you don't know what idle games are, you have to know that they are, usually, really simple games which you can easily play, for example when you are bored or you are waiting for somebody and you want to fill up your time, you can definitely play an idle game.

So this idle game Skibidi Toilets 3D is one in which you get to play with the "characters" from the fun Skibidi Toilets YouTube series, and this idle game is also a very simple one so we hope you are going to be curious about it, even if just because you get to play with the Skibidi Toilets which are funny and even controversial sometimes. 

So in this new Skibidi Toilets 3D you simply need to click on the Skibidi characters and that is how you make points, and you will see that clicking on the different characters will give you different points, and when you reach a certain amount you can buy the next character, so this Skibidi Toilets 3D is in fact like a personal record breaking idle game. Good luck!

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