Agent Cameraman Skibidi Toilet

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This new Agent Cameraman Skibidi Toilet game here on our site is clearly going to be a real challenge, but not one challenge can be too difficult when you get to play with your favorite characters, and we are aware that a lot of you dear kids are fans of the Skibidi Toilet youtube series so you can find out that we indeed have a lot of super funny and even exciting Skibidi Toilet games, all here on our site waiting for you. 

And that is true for this brand new Agent Cameraman Skibidi Toilet which is clearly going to be a shooter action game, and we know how much you enjoy a fun action game and a shooter game with the Skibidi Toilet characters is going to be even funnier and even more interesting. 

This time, in this new Agent Cameraman Skibidi Toilet game, you are not going to be on the same side as the Skibidi Toilets, you are actually going to play with the agent cameraman. If you are a fan of the Skibidi Toilet series you may know that the controversial characters in the series are not just the toilets with human heads, you also get to play with humans who instead of normal human heads, have all kind of electrical devices as heads, and today in this new Agent Cameraman Skibidi Toilet you obviously get to play with agent cameraman who has a camera as its head. 

So, as this is an action shooter game, you are going to play against the skibidi toilets and you need to use your weapon to shoot them all before you run out of life. Pay attention to the amount of ammo you have as well, you can pick more along the way. Good luck!

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How to play

use the ARROW KEYS to move andMOUSE to shoot.