Obstacle Head Destroyer

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You can find a lot of adventure games here on our site, some of then are of course girl games, others boys games, some of them are even suitable for everybody here on our site, but what we can of course tell you is that any of you who visit our site can find the perfect adventure and action game for themselves and we are sure many of you are going to really enjoy this new Obstacle Head Destroyer game. 

As you can see, this Obstacle Head Destroyer is indeed going to be like an obstacle race, you are in fact playing a running game, not something you have never played before we are sure of that, but what we can also assure you is that you didn't have the chance to play an adventure running game in which your biggest weapon is your head.

That sounds silly and like a lot of fun in the same time, so we hope that will make all of you curious of this new Obstacle Head Destroyer, what you need to do is of course be skillful. You will be in control of the character in this running game and you can collect as many more players on your side as you can, there are going to be all around the running track. 

When you will go though the special gateways your head or heads, if you have friends on your side, are going to grow and when you reach the obstacles which will of course appear in your way, that can really help you break through.

You need to pay attention to all enemies, all obstacles and all the things which can help you reach the end of each level in this new Obstacle Head Destroyer, so come and enjoy the adventure. Good luck!

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