Fireball vs Ice Cream

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Well this Fireball vs Ice Cream brand new game is indeed going to be a challenge, and we hope that even the thought that you get to play with an ice cream little figurine as your character in this new Fireball vs Ice Cream game we have for you is going to make you curious about what exactly is this new game about. 

So come and check out this brand new Fireball vs Ice Cream which in fact is a little adventure, but also a skill-full action game because you have multiple levels to beat, but your mission is a simple one to understand, but you will also see that even though the main goal is a simple one, the challenges you will get through to achieve that little goal are going to be difficult sometimes. 

So indeed, your mission is to simply use the little ice cream character in order to collect all the ice cream bonus points which are floating around int he game, and for you to do that you can jump between the given platforms in the beginning of the game. 

But your mission is not going to simple be that easy, you will have the fireballs also floating around in each level and of course that you need to avoid them, because if the big ice cream touches any fireballs, you will of course lose a life and you will need to start over. 

So in order for you to be successful in this new game, Fireball vs Ice Cream, you need to look closely at the pattern in which the fireballs are moving and of course you need to find the exact time in which you can jump safely, without touching anything dangerous, but of course at the right time to also collect the points. Good luck!

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