FNAF Shooter Animatronics attack

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Today's a super special day on our website because we're introducing a brand-new game called "FNAF Shooter Animatronics Attack"! You might have heard about the movie inspired by these games, guess what? It’s been a massive hit all around the world! That’s why we’ve brought you this amazing game, perfect for playing on your computer or even your mobile devices!

If you're all set for this game, it's time to dive right in and let the excitement begin! But hey, if you're curious to know more about this awesome game before hitting that play button, stick around and read on. The next part of the description will give you all the details you need to make playing this game a breeze.

Get ready to be the ultimate FNAF Shooter and take on the Animatronics Attack! Each level is filled with our favorite characters like Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and more, yup, the gang’s all here! But be careful, each wave of these animatronic pals gets bigger and tougher to beat. Use your smarts and skills to move around using the WASD keys and aim your trusty gun with the mouse to blast them away.

The aim? Defeat all the targets in each level to clear it! But watch out, while you’re doing your shooting, these animatronics aren’t just going to stand around! They'll attack you too. Keep an eye on your health bar; if it runs out, you’ll lose the game. But hey, here's a tip: when you take down an enemy, they drop hearts. Grab them to boost your health back up!

And guess what makes this game even cooler? As you play, you earn coins, use them to buy even cooler and more powerful weapons! Now, let’s dive into this action-packed adventure in the FNAF Games series! Don’t forget to tell your friends about it too. The more the merrier in this epic animatronic showdown!

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How to play

Use WASD and the mouse.