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"FNAF Spot The Difference" is an exciting game that brings the FNAF universe to life in a whole new way! Imagine being inside the FNAF world and having to find all the hidden differences. That's what this game is all about! First things first, this game isn't made by the official FNAF creators, but it's still super fun! 

You'll spot differences in scenes from the FNAF world, but remember, it's not official, just a fan-made game. Your challenge? Find 10 differences in each level. But here's the twist, you've only got 3 lives on each level! So, put on your detective hat, sharpen your eyes, and get ready for a thrilling adventure. You've got to be quick because time's ticking away! 

The faster you find the differences, the more levels you can unlock. And don't worry, if you're stuck, take your time and look carefully. Every detail counts! Playing is easy-peasy! Use your mouse or tap the screen if you're on a tablet or phone to spot the differences. When you're sure you've found one, click or tap it. 

You'll hear a funny sound, and a round icon will pop up, showing you've found a difference. Cool, right? Need a break? You can pause the game, turn the music on or off, or head back to the main menu whenever you want. The main menu even lets you pick your favorite level to play again or unlock new ones as you move forward. 

So, dive into "FNAF - Spot The Difference" and test your detective skills in the FNAF universe! Spot the differences, unlock levels, and have a blast exploring the exciting scenes from FNAF! Wish you all good luck for the game and have a lot of fun! Also, don't forget to share with some good friends as well, so they can also have some fun!

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