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Check out "Burning Down", a super cool fireman simulator game you can play for free online! We think everyone should try it because it's a fantastic indie game, and firefighting games don't get enough love. Plus, you might even get inspired to become a real firefighter one day!

In "Burning Down", you get to be the hero who saves the day from big, scary fires. To get started on your firefighting adventure, there are six test levels you need to complete. Each level teaches you something new and exciting about being a firefighter. Let's go through them!

Level 1: This is where you learn the basics. Use the W, A, and D keys to move around and jump. Use your mouse to control your fire hose. Left-click to spray water on the big fires and right-click to put out the smaller ones. Level 2: In this level, you'll master the super jump! You can jump higher by jumping and then shooting water beneath you. It's like a double jump but with water power!

Level 3: Here, you get to use foam to put out fires. Press the shift key and click to spray foam. Right-click to put out fires on the walls. Foam is super helpful for tricky fires that are hard to reach. Level 4: This level is all about electrical fires. You'll learn how to deal with electrical switches safely. Be careful because these fires can be really dangerous!

Level 5: It's a boss level! You need to save babies while jumping around. It's a bit tricky, but saving lives is what being a firefighter is all about! Level 6: The ultimate challenge! You'll face the final boss and need to use all the skills you've learned in the previous levels. It's tough, but you can do it! Good luck guys and have an amazing playtime!

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How to play

Use WASD, shift, the mouse, F, E, R.