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"Clean The Ocean" is a captivating new boat simulator game where you get to experience the role of an ocean cleaner, inspired by none other than the legendary footballer, Lionel Messi, and his organization dedicated to recycling and environmental care. This game combines the thrill of navigation with the noble cause of cleaning our planet's oceans. Let's dive into the game and learn how to make the most out of your virtual ocean cleanup mission!

Your primary goal in "Clean The Ocean" is to navigate your boat across the water, collect debris and junk, and then recycle it at your home base. The more debris you collect, the more money you earn, which can be used to upgrade your boat, allowing you to clean more efficiently and effectively. Use the mouse or touch controls to steer your boat. Follow the green arrows on the screen, which guide you to spots in the ocean where debris is located. 

Approach these spots to collect the junk. Once your boat is full of collected debris, return to the island (your home base) to unload and recycle the trash. Use the money earned from recycling to upgrade your boat. Improvements can include increasing the boat's speed, enhancing its capacity to hold more debris, and strengthening its durability to withstand obstacles better.

Be cautious of rocks and other obstacles in the water. Hitting these will decrease your boat's health. Losing all 100 health points will result in a game over, so navigate carefully to avoid collisions. "Clean The Ocean" is a fun and engaging way to learn about the importance of environmental conservation. 

With simple yet effective gameplay, it not only entertains but also educates, aligning with Lionel Messi's mission to promote recycling and ocean cleanliness. Start your journey as an ocean cleaner today, and take the lessons learned from the game to make a positive impact on the real world. Dive in, clean up, and be part of the solution!

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